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Yes, the Shielding Canopies work. With over 1,000 orders during 2021 and thousands more in 2022, our customers have thoroughly tested the bed canopies with a variety of RF Radiation meters. We recommend that you purchase a meter to verify. There are a few ways to measure High Frequency Radiation, but we’ve found it easiest to test using; Microwatt’s per Square Meter. Many of our customers like the Trifield Meter.

Redemption Shield Canopies are made of the finest, most protective fabric in the market. We sell the best products available at this time and will always ensure our products are top quality.

If your family lives within a mile radius of any cell tower, shielding canopies are critically important. Many countries are beginning to research cell towers and the carcinogenic affects for those living or working near them.

Redemption Shield canopies are breathable and form a protective barrier for the hours spent to rest and recharge. There are two materials we sell; silver spun cotton and silver spun nylon, that offer outstanding EMF Protection. They are both amazing!

Testing your canopies should be done with a meter not by checking for cell phone coverage. In order to have 100% protection a military-type tent would need to be purchased with air pumped in.

Yes, it is best to use a bottom layer of protection with your Shielding Canopy, especially on a second floor or higher. There are three items we recommend with the Shielding Canopies; the Conductive Grounding Bed Mat, the Conductive Grounding Fabric , or the Conductive Grounding Bed Sheets.

Shielding Blankets are another added layer of protection. They are wonderful and can be used while you lounge on the couch or work at your desk in the office.

Grounding restores our natural electrical connection to the Earth, which is missing due to our rubber or plastic soled shoes and insulated sleeping arrangements. This Earth connection has been reported to bring numerous benefits such as pain relief, improved immune function, improved sleep, stabilization of the body’s basic biological rhythms, reduction of chronic inflammation, and emit negative ions that balance out the positive ions from electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Please note that this does not constitute medical advice in any way, or claim cure or treatment of any medical condition. Always consult a medical doctor regarding any personal health issues.

No. They simply ground you by transferring the Earth’s energy through the ground port of a properly grounded outlet or from a ground rod placed directly in the Earth. The energy passes through a cord to the conductive Earthing product specially designed for human grounding. When your body comes in contact with an Earthing product you absorb the Earth’s energy. Earthing products are like “barefoot substitutes,” enabling you to receive the outside energy of the Earth inside your home or office.

No, grounding products and the cords that connect them, are designed only to conduct the earth’s energy to you. They do not conduct any electrical power that operates lights and appliances. Connect your cord to the ground contact of a wall outlet. If you need to ensure grounding is available, a simple tester can be purchased at any local hardware store.

If grounding is unavailable, we sell another version of the grounding cord that can go outside a window to the ground. This works just as good as the outlet.

All grounding cords have a built-in 100 kilo-Ohms resistor. There is much false information on grounding, this is very safe! Reach out to us with any questions you have. We have thousands of happy customers!

No need to unplug grounding. Just leave the cord plugged in at the outlet, unless you are going to move them to another room. Grounding products don’t “run” on electricity. They aren’t running up any electricity bill when you leave them plugged in.

Yes, animals naturally want to spend time in contact with the Earth. Many indoor pets share our lifestyle and never make contact with the ground outside. People report that pets indoors are attracted to grounding products. Tested and works with pets, they find the mats and love them without having to be coerced to find them.

Customers pets are loving Pet Grounding Mats.

All silver cotton and nylon products should be washed on the gentlest settings and air dried if possible or on low heat. The mildest detergents with no fragrances or dryer sheets. Do not iron or bleach.

All carbon mats should be wiped clean rather than washed and soaked in water. Hang to dry. No wash machines or dryers.


Grounding is best with conductive products. You hereby agree to abide by all instructions and do your own research before purchasing items from Redemption Shield shop. You are solely responsible for educating yourself of proper use of products.

You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Redemption Shield for any bodily harm, damages to property or person and/or any form of loss from any of our products.

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