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Grounding White Cord 15ft with Snap 100K ohm Resistor


Redemption Shield® Grounding White Cord 15ft with Snap 100K ohm Resistor and Black Patch Snap

Assists products meant for grounding, to plug to your grounding port. A 100K ohm resistor is attached for peace of mind against static electricity. Grounding cords do not use electricity whatsoever. They can remain plugged at all times. Best to test your outlet to ensure grounding is present.


  • 15 foot grounding wire
  • Snap is just over 1/8 inch
  • Designed to plug into the bottom hole of standard wall outlets or grounded rod, connecting you to the earth while you sleep
  • Fits grounding sheets, grounding mats, and conductive bed canopies. (misc grounding products USA Canada, Australia, Germany and UK) Please specify
  • 100k ohm resistor in the snap


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Australia, Germany, UK, USA/CANADA

Customer Reviews

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Better Sleep

I ordered the grounding mat for my husband and I and another one for my 88 year old Dad. We all are sleeping more soundly and waking up with less aches and pains and with more alertness.

Thank you for your awesome review Lynn! We are super happy to hear you're all sleeping soundly and having less pain! Wow! Super exciting...Best of Health!

Susan Wiegand
Well made. It works as promised.

Well made. It works as promised.

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