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Shielding 100% Silver Spun Nylon Fabric | Faraday Curtains


Redemption Shield® Shielding 100% Silver Spun Nylon Fabric Faraday Curtains | 5G EMF Protection 

Sleep well with your Shielding Faraday EMF Protection Curtains. Mitigate dangerous levels of EMF Microwave Radiation from cell towers within a one mile radius.

EMF Protection with Silver Fabric

Silver Fabric is correctly tested and measured using a RF Meter, not by measuring cell phone coverage or wifi. Testing results while using a RF Meter will show a decrease in waves.  Every home will see a varied result in protection.

In severe cases of electromagnetic radiation, we suggest curtains and protective bed canopies and grounding products for better rest.

This purchase is for one panel, not two panels as pictured. This is just a sample picture of the overall look.

100% Silver Spun Nylon Features:

  • 100% Silver Spun Nylon or total comparable 20% Silver to 80% Nylon
  • Tested Attenuation:30MHz-20GHz = 41.4-40.6dB
  • 5G Millimeter Wave EMF/RF/EMR Microwave Radiation Protection Faraday

100% Silver Spun Cotton Features:

  • 100% Silver Spun Cotton or total comparable 18% Silver to 82% Nylon
  • Tested Attenuation: 10MHz–1GHz 56-36dB
  • 5G Millimeter Wave EMF/RF/EMR Microwave Radiation Protection Faraday


  • One Standard Size Panel without grommets approx. 58x 82-83in
  • We can customize curtains for other sizes. Please email customerservice@redemptionshield.com. (No Returns on Customized Curtains)

Washing and Care Instructions:


  • Gentle Cycle using a mild liquid laundry detergent
  • Line dry or dry in a dryer on low


  • Don’t wash with bleach
  • Don’t wash with fabric softeners
  • Don’t use whitening detergents, oxi-detergents
  • Don’t use detergents with strong fragrances (either chemical or essential oil based)
  • Don’t use dryer sheet fabric softeners
  • Don’t dry clean
  • Don’t iron

Protecting Silver Fabric Conductivity During Washing

Fabric softener builds up on the silver and will eventually ruin its conductive properties. Please also check/clean the detergent drawer of your washing machine for residues of other detergents, since many detergents (particular powders) contain whitening agents which harm the silver, even in a small quantities.

Thank you for visiting us at Redemption Shield – EMF Protection at it’s Finest~

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